New!! Skype English 

Have fun and speak conversation English with a native speaker! 

Add me:- leatherhead2008 

15 mins: 100 kc / 4 Euros

30 mins: 200 kc / 8 Euros

45 mins: 300 kc / 12 Euros

Payment via Paypal

Business English

We specialise in one-2-one and small/medium size groups covering areas such as Networking, Reaching Agreement, Brainstorming, Presentations, Negotiating, Telephone Skills, Recruitment and Job Interviews etc.

In-company business or general conversation

60 mins: 500 kc

90 mins: 800 kc

General Conversation

We can help you increase your English language skills in areas such as talking about Money and Finance, Jobs and Work, Restaurants and Food, Travel and Sightseeing, Family and Friends, Transport, the Environment, Music and TV etc.

If your level is B1 and above, please contact us to take a free online placement test to assess your current level of English. 

60 mins: 400 kc [1-to-1]

60 mins: 500 kc [group]